Intellectual property, industrial, trademarks and patents

Legal advice on the recognition, protection and management of intellectual and industrial property assets, including:

Drafting and negotiation of contracts for the exploitation of patents, licenses or merchandising rights, sponsorships, joint-ventures, concession and exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Patent licensing and licensing agreements.

Confidentiality agreements, transfer of know-how.

Pre-litigation counselling and assistance in legal proceedings.

Drafting and protection of patents, in their different modalities, national, European or worldwide.

Advice on the creation, management and maintenance of all intellectual and industrial property rights.

Feasibility reports on registration and use.

Procedure for registering national, international, regional and community trademarks.

Defence of marks, oppositions and recourses.

Assistance in the fight against infringement of intellectual property rights.

Legal audits.

Pre-litigation counselling and legal direction on infringements of intellectual property rights, both civil and criminal.