Litigation, arbitration and mediation

Pre-litigation assistance.

Advice on the risks inherent to judicial processes.

Civil judicial proceedings, including, but not limited to, civil and non-contractual liability, credit recovery, leases, family, real estate, inheritance, commercial, insolvency and corporate recovery processes.

National and international arbitration processes.

Processes of recognition and execution of foreign sentences.

Pending cases in foreign courts, making notifications and citations, accompanying probation proceedings and assisting in the preparation of written testimony.

Challenging / Suspending Corporate Decisions – Challenging / Suspension of Board of Directors Resolutions.

Civil liability of members of corporate bodies (Managers / Directors / Fiscal Counsellors…).

Appointment and dismissal of members of social bodies / judicial notices / processes related to social capital.

Protection of minority shareholders.

Claims related with distribution and agency agreements breeches.